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Having the right tools is important. Knowing how to use them is critical.

Not all healthcare IT solutions are created equal. That's why PracticeMax has partnered with some of the industry's leading vendors, offering your practice the optimal choice in PM/EHR system selection. And, should your needs ever change, PracticeMax makes it easy to switch from one system to another.

We know that flexibility is critical in today's healthcare environment.

Wouldn't it be great if your practice could focus on patient care rather than day-to-day operational and business concerns, while lowering costs, improving efficiency and increasing reimbursment? Let PracticeMax help you make these dreams a reality.

Providing technology and service solutions for the entire health care industry.

We've tailored our service and technology offerings to meet the unique requirments of a variety of constituents. From hospital and office-based practices to urgent care centers, clinics, billing companies, IDN's and Regional Extension Centers, PracticeMax has the solutions you need.

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Looking to learn more about the latest regulatory issues or for tips to improve coding, collections and compliance? The PracticeMax Resource Center offers regulatory information and updates, Meaningful Use resources, coding and compliance tools and a robust online library of educational resources.

Don't know where to go to get started with ICD-10? PracticeMax will get you Going, Set and Ready. Click below to learn how practicemax can help you today!

Are you ready to optimize the performance of your EHR? Need help achieving Meaningful Use? Our teams of Certified Trainers and MU specialists are ready to help.
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Having access to the right tools is one thing. Knowing how to use them proficiently is another. That's why PracticeMax offers a variety of consulting, training and support services.
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Choosing the Right EHR

Flexibility is key when selecting and implementing an EHR - especially in today's rapidly evolving healthcare environment. And although purchasing an EHR directly from a software vendor is one option, practices that choose this path are usually locked into a single, long-term solution. Learn More

Ready for ICD-10? We can help!

Keeping on top of the latest HIPAA 5010 standards and looming ICD-10 transition is a significant undertaking for health care providers and managers, one that requires extensive planning and execution. Learn More

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PracticeMax, a national provider of medical practice management and technology services, today announced it has acquired Medi-Data Service, LTD, (MDS) of Naperville, IL, continuing its expansion of operations throughout... Learn More