ICD-10 Basics: Why is the Transition Happening?

ICD-9 has been used in the United States since 1979, but effective October 1, 2015, health care providers will be required to transition to the tenth version of ICD (ICD-10). This new code set will result in the ability to report and track much more specific data related to patient diagnoses. For physician services, the code set will expand to nearly five time sits current size.

The benefits of transitioning to ICD-10 include:

  •  Measure the quality, safety and outcomes of care
  • Conduct research. epidemiological studies and clinical trials
  • Enhance operational and strategic planning for the design of health care delivery systems
  • Improve clinical, financial and administrative performance
  • Prevent and detect health care fraud and abuse
  • Track public concerns and assess risk of adverse public health events

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