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12 Things You Need to Know about ICD-10 Implementation

With the ICD-10 deadline fast approaching, it is important to know all the vital pieces of information about ICD-10 implementation. From understanding coding requirements to familiarizing yourself with CMS’ FAQs on ICD-10 flexibility, here are twelve things you need to know about ICD-10 implementation: 1. Are you ready? PracticeMax can help. PracticeMax has been hard […]

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ICD-10 Concepts FAQs

ICD-10 Concepts FAQs Q: What is episode of care (EOC)? In ICD-10 many diagnoses such as injuries and poisonings include episode of care into the code as the 7th character. Because the EOC character is the 7th character, the placeholder X is used to fill in the empty character fields for diagnoses that are otherwise […]

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ICD-10 Specific Complaint FAQS

Specific Complaint FAQs Q: Is the ICD-10 code for sciatica different that low back pain? Yes. The low back pain codes to M54.5, while sciatica codes to M54.3 with further specificity as to laterality (M54.31 right side and M54.32 left side). Additionally, there are separate codes for lumbago with sciatica which includes M541.41 for right […]

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ICD-10 Resource FAQs

Resource FAQs Q: I have an EHR, won’t it code for me? Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are valuable tools in the transition to ICD-10. Your system should have the codes available for you and may even help you select a code a particular situation. However, it is still important to understand the guidelines and structure […]

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