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Key Differences between Expectation and Satisfaction Surveys

Only when you understand your stakeholder’s values and expectations do you truly understand what’s important to them. Expectation research surveys from ServiceTrac do exactly that; these surveys allow business managers to delve deeper into the wants, needs, values, and expectations of their stakeholders. Expectation surveys can help these business managers to accurately pin point what […]

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When a patient has multiple diagnoses, which should be listed first?

Happy New Year! 2018 brings new codes and guidelines for correct coding and billing. It is important to take time to review all documents with codes for correctness as many ICD/CPT/HCPCS codes were deleted or revised as well as new codes in all three code sets. The topic for this installment of Coding Corner relates […]

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Is it a consultation? Or is it a referral?

There is always some confusion on whether to report a consultation or a referral. Is the requesting provider wanting my opinion? Does he want me to take care of this patient? Before a provider can report the service, it is important to understand the difference. A consultation is distinguished from a referral (visit) because it […]

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Important CPT Code Changes for 2017 and How They Will Impact Documentation – Cardiovascular Surgery Code Changes

Multiple Changes in Cardiovascular Surgery Codes Angioplasty: New codes 37246 to 37249 + apply regardless of whether the procedure is open or percutaneous and now include radiological supervision and interpretation necessary to perform the angioplasty within the same vessel. Documentation should include the approach and in which vessel the angioplasty is being performed and any […]

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