Acute Illness Protection

An affordable Acute Illness Protection Program for medical professionals with no waiting period

PracticeMax Financial Services, a division of PracticeMax, is excited to announce our new Acute Illness Protection Program designed exclusively for medical professionals. This program features a 0-day waiting period combined with own-occupation long-term disability benefits. Don't go another day without coverage!


  • Acute Illness Protection Program

    • First year benefits are paid out immediately and up front.
    • There is no program elimination period.
    • In later years, premiums may be deducted as a business expense and converted to a non-taxable benefit.

  • Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

    Commonly, insurance limits are not adjusted for incomes that increase over time and the risk of financial devastation and mortgage foreclosure due disability is quite high. Allow us to assist you in protecting your most valuable asset: your ability to practice and earn an income!

  • Abundance of Options for your Unique Needs

    Many healthcare professionals are underinsured. With our new products, including high-limit disability insurance options and supplemental critical illness benefits, we can help fill the gaps created by waiting periods and medical deductibles.

  • 0-Day Waiting Period

    When was the last time you reviewed your disability insurance policy? In most cases, our Acute Illness Protection with a 0-day waiting period costs far less than conventional disability coverage that typically have a 90-day waiting period.


Finally, an affordable Acute Illness Protection Program for medical professionals with no waiting period!

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