Negotiate and maximize contracts with payers

Is your Practice Financially Healthy?

At PracticeMax, we know the ability to negotiate and successfully obtain financially sound payer and hospital contracts heavily impacts revenue and is crucial to the health of a practice.

Achieve Your Goals

Establish a contracting strategy that meets practice goals, including goals related to revenue, seeing more patients, etc. In addition, our team can assess insurance plans currently accepted to evaluate potential areas of expansion.

Sizeable Increases

PracticeMax has achieved double digit increases for clients when re-negotiating contracts on their behalf; results depend on specialty, hospital vs. office based practices, geography, and other market factors.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Keep up with the latest market rates and trends to reduce lost revenue:
• Avoid lost revenue through careful monitoring of contracts and reimbursement
• Identify areas of unrealized revenue
• Increase revenue through favorable contracts

30% of claims are not paid by payers the first time they are submitted

Contact us to find out how we can help you increase your number of paid claims. (Source: CMS)


  • Maximize Contracts

    Achieve optimal contracts with PracticeMax:
    • Evaluate, negotiate & secure optimal contracts with payers and hospitals
    • Access to experts who can support physician practices in securing optimal contracts with hospitals
    • Increase patient pool by expanding insurance plan coverage

  • Effective Reimbursement

    We monitor your reimbursement to ensure your practice is paid according to contracted rates. Our team keeps pace with market reimbursement rates and terms to ensure the delivery of optimal reimbursement.

  • Gain Valuable Insight

    Obtain a Market Profile Report to understand your market and create a negotiation strategy to best suit your practice. This report turns a massive amount of complex data into a digestible, apples to apples comparison of case rates by payer. Additional benefits include:
    • Gain a true picture of reimbursement
    • Visualize and understand your market to help create negotiation strategies
    • Identify areas of missed or lost revenue

  • Leverage Differentiators

    Promote your practice's differentiators so that you can leverage these in payer negotiations. If your practice does not have differentiators, our experts can help develop changes in operations that will lead to valuable differentiators that can be used as clout in negotiations.

Contact us to find out how we can help you avoid being underpaid. (Source: CMS)

We optimize contracts with payers for improved reimbursement and to increase the potential patient pool by strategically increasing the number of insurance plans a provider accepts.

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