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Professional Assistance

When you hire PracticeMax, you’re getting professional help from experts with real world experience. We work shoulder to shoulder with you to make sure your systems are optimized and work properly every step of the way.

Experience and Expertise

Our understanding of health care and medical practice operations and processes make us the ideal partner to help you successfully select, implement and optimize an EHR system.

Why put your practice in the hands of software vendors when you can have PracticeMax practice management professionals on your team?

Robust Software Offerings

As a reseller of leading EHR products such as eClinicalWorks, NextGen, Allscripts and more, we offer proven and robust solutions that have stood the test of time. And we don't just sell these systems - we use them every day.

System Optimization to Increase Efficiency and Revenue

Our solutions enable you to provide high quality care while optimizing revenue and practice operational efficiency. All systems can be customized and optimized to meet the unique needs of each provider, specialty or location to maximize system adoption and use.

Flexible Solutions for Unique Needs

We believe flexibility is key when selecting an electronic health record/practice management (EHR/PM) solution. Physicians and health systems don’t have to be locked into a single, long term solution.

If your needs change over time, PracticeMax EHR solutions can change with you!


  • We Can Work with Your Existing System

    At PracticeMax, we can perform billing using almost any EHR software program including Centricity, SequelMed, CPU Medical Management Systems and more.

  • Are You Ready for ICD-10?

    Choose from ICD-10 ready EHR/PM solutions to help ensure a smooth transition.

  • Meaningful Use Requirements

    PracticeMax's EHR/PM solutions meet Meaningful Use (MU) requirement. Eligible providers may receive MU incentive payments.

  • Flexibility and Interoperability

    Enjoy the freedom to easily and cost effectively switch from one EHR to another depending on your needs. Different providers within the same group or system can use different EHR/PM solutions without sacrificing interoperability.

  • Interfaces & EDI

    PracticeMax handles data exchange through our own Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform for seamless information management across different platforms.

    Our EDI capabilities include:
    • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data between different databases
    • HL-7 and other interfaces with hospitals, labs, imaging, patient satisfaction research, accounting and other systems

  • Anesthesia Specific System

    This anesthesia specific system provides improvements in patient care and safety, quality assurance, compliance, risk management and business intelligence.

    Other features include:
    •Designed to enahnce point of care, not control it
    •Clinical Manager to view all cases real time
    •Web portal
    •ICD-10 ready

PracticeMax clients have access to the industry's leading EHR/PM solutions to help manage clinical work flow and practice operations.

Your patients will feel better when your practice is running better!

“We love eClinicalWorks. But more importantly, we love the way PracticeMax helped us install and customize the system to meet the needs of our particular practice. For over 17 years, the people at PracticeMax have helped keep our practice strong and independent. If we ever have a problem or want to make a change to our EHR, PracticeMax is only a phone call away.”

Virginia | MD, Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center

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